COVID-19 update from VIP Golf Academy

COVID-19 update from VIP Golf Academy

VIP Golf Academy would like to start off by saying we hope everyone is well and staying safe amid COVID-19.

The last six months have been very odd and unpredictable times, to say the least.

We are learning a lot about what we can live without and also what we cant in life.

Fortunately, golf has certainly NOT been something we can live without! Based on rounds being played we have seen an unbelievable spike and surge in the game like never before.

Over this time VIP Golf Academy has been remarkably steady and people are finding ways to get to our locations thru driving and yes, even flying.

We have also taken this time to strengthen our brand with new websites and other technologies in order to meet the demand that we anticipate in the fall months.

VIP Golf Academy would like to encourage you to reach out to us with any questions including COVID 19 safety measures that we are taking to keep our employees and clients safe.

The booking season is quickly approaching so please contact us to secure your dates to attend the best golf school experience in the country.

From our VIP Golf family to yours we cant wait to see you wish you all the very best.

At VIP Golf Academy – you actually get better!

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