VIP Golf Academy Reviews

Thank you for an utterly inspiring

“I wanted to personally thank you for an utterly inspiring few days with you at golf school. I feel that after all these years hacking that with your help, guidance and patience, I just might now have the capacity to play to my best and win the money! I am in Vegas until tomorrow but you’ll see below there will be a smash bag awaiting to welcome me home! I loved your style of instruction,’your ability to get what’s in your head into my head – and with good grace and humour.”

Hitting the ball much better

“I played golf last weekend and it is “clicking” . My short game has much improved, and Tom’s “1” “2” “3” approach around the greens has been great. Since I have been hitting the ball much better I am finding that I need less club so I’m having to adjust which club I’m using because I am hitting that much better. When I hit a bad shot I now know what I am doing wrong which is so much better than just scratching my head without a clue! Definitely would recommend Tom and VIP without hesitation and look forward to coming back again to keep taking my game to the next level.”
Cindy Ratzlaff

I could go on singing Tom’s praising

“I have had serious trouble with my game for about 15 years, having been off a 10 handicap then, I have since given up on three occasions for extended periods as I could not get the ball around the course. My playing friends nick named me “The Goat” due to the number of different places I visited on the course, that was when I could find the ball, I should have bought shares in Titleist! I have probably had lessons from 6 different pros over those frustrating years. Having had a really busy year I took myself to NJ for 10 days, a mixture of casinos, friends and chilling out. I found the VIP Golf Academy on the net and decided to give the game one more go and booked two days of one on one tuition and ended up seeing a US PGA pro called Tom Tarsia. It is now some three weeks on from my tuition and my plans are not to give up but play whenever I can. Just being able to get round the course is fantastic, this would have been a great result from my time with Tom, but it was far better than that. Tom gave me a better feel for the game than I have ever had in all the years I have played, it is early days but it would not be the biggest surprise to me if I achieved, what would be the ultimate sporting achievement to me, a single figure handicap. I could go on singing Tom’s praising but I think you will have got the gist.”
Mike Morley

Thoroughly enjoyed my time

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at your golf school. The accommodations were great. Tom and my lessons were wonderful! I am pleased with my progress. I’m planning a return session–as there is always work to be done on the game, right? Thanks for all you’ve done.”
Sue T

Tom was excellent

“Tom was excellent. The program was great. The only thing wrong with it was that it was too short. I could use a couple of weeks with Tom.”
Mark W

I’ve taken 10 strokes off

“My golf game has definitely improved. I’ve taken 10 strokes off of my game with just a few adjustments by Tom. When I get a chance to practice my short game drills he provided, that number will reduce even more! I am looking forward to scheduling another session with the Academy in the future. Thanks!”

Thoroughly enjoyed my time

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at your golf school. The accommodations were great. Tom and my lessons were wonderful! I am pleased with my progress. I’m planning a return session–as there is always work to be done on the game, right? Thanks for all you’ve done.”
Sue T

Teach an old dog new tricks!

“Earl, Again thanks for your instruction and patience. I really appreciated the way you were able to teach an old dog new tricks! I am excited to practice what I learned and take it on to the course.”
Tom H

First Class!

“Brad, just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for my experience. First Class! Tom was so awesome, what a fantastic guy and teacher. The staff and my accommodations were superb. I definitely will be back as long as the pocketbook can support it. Thank you again!”

Never have hit it better.

“Earl. Thank you for diagnosing my problem with my swing and correcting it. No other pro has been able to see what you saw. I thought I was hopeless and now I am full of hope. Never have hit it better. I saw other golfers hit the ball a certain way and I never hit it that way. Now I do.”
Raymond A

Lee was great

“Lee was great. This gentleman has a great deal of knowledge and shares it well. I learned enough that I think with some practice of his techniques I will improve my game a lot. My son really enjoyed it too.”
Wayne B

I would not be the player I am

“This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for all of your instruction and dedication in taking my game to the next level…we started working together in July 1999 and at that time I had an 8 handicap…Through a lot of hard work and implementing your teachings into practice, my percentages of hitting fairways and greens has improved dramatically and my putting inside of 6 feet is world class…Thanks again for your instruction for I would not be the player I am today without it.”
Jeff K

Lee and Eva were outstanding.

“Lee and Eva were outstanding. Lynn and I had a wonderful time and learned more then we ever could imagine about our golf swings and playing on the golf course. Ocotillo was a great place for our golf school. Thank you Brad for all you did and getting us with Lee and Eva, we’ll be back.”
Don D

What an experience!

“I just finished four days of golf school with Lee Bonse. What an experience! I think he has more golf knowledge and stories then anyone in the golf business. He is a treasure and I wish I had a few more days with him. However, I will make this a yearly visit. Can’t wait to show my friends my new swing back in Washington.”
Albert P

Very impressed

“I was very impressed with your golf school, Eva, the Resort, and was really impressed with your customer service. Everything was wonderful, and I will recommend you to anyone that I know who is looking for that type trip.”
Sandy D

Eva is great!

“Thank you Brad for checking in! I am very happy with the entire experience – Eva is great! I have nothing but good things to say about everything you put together!!!”
Chris C

Loved it all.

“Joan and I had a great time at La Quinta. Jack Gibson is a fantastic insightful teacher.Loved it all.”
George and Joan

Thanks VIP Golf Academy

“This was my first “one to one” golf school. It was a little intimidating being the only student for three days. But it was better then I ever imagined. I learned so much more then when I was in a group golf school. Jack was fantastic and we were able to work longer on my short game that needed a lot of work. “One to One” is the only way to go. Thanks VIP Golf Academy.”

I will recommend

“Thank you Brad for your call yesterday inquiring about my golf school with Jack Gibson at La Quinta Country Club. All my questions were answered and my “problems” were addressed and corrected. Jack was attentive and fun to be with. I will recommend Jack and VIP Golf Academy to all my friends. All the best.”

Wonderful golf school

“Thank you Jack for a wonderful golf school. Looking forward to testing my new swing on my home course. I hope that my success will bring all my friends to see you. I certainly enjoyed the experience and all the knowledge that I received.”

Excellent experience

“All in all our golf week was an excellent experience and I feel it provided very good value for the investment of time and money. After the next few weeks I hope to be able to report some even better feedback. Thanks again to Jack for your personal help and good humour. You made the week productive and enjoyable. It was great to meet and work with you.”

Had a GREAT experience

“Thank you for reaching out–EXCELLENT customer service. We WILL be in contact for additional lessons!!! Here are Dan thoughts…Bob exceeded my expectations every day! I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about the game. Here are my thoughts…I was overjoyed to pick up Dan everyday to hear about the drill sergeant Bob and what he learned!! We had a GREAT experience. The JW Marriot had wonderful places to eat, very safe area and a clean resort. We look forward to our next schooling with Bob!!!!”

10 shot difference

“I was scared to have a great player like you teach a duffer like me, but you were so patient and explained everything so well that I felt like a Tour player wth the attention you gave me. I think the changes will mean a 10 shot difference in my score. Great player, but I think an even greater teacher.”

What a great three days

“I want to be the best player that I can become and I feel I have the best teacher to have me accomplish those goals. What a great three days. Looking forward to our next meeting.”

I am very satisfied

“I am not sure that I knew what to expect of golf lessons before last week, but I would not have imagined such an effective change in every aspect of my swing mechanics. I feel that the setup and grip lessons have been well learned; I am very deliberate about my grip and address, but my goal is for it to become second nature as soon as possible (but no sooner). No greater revelation was the lightness that the grip could be. I have had better success swinging through to completion and supinating the left hand with a lighter grip. I have good mental and muscle memory of the putting grip and stroke. I am very satisfied with your instruction and my results to date and I look forward to future progress. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to my next lesson. Thank you so much.”

Significantly lower scores this year

“Dear Bob Byman – Once again I wanted to thank you for the time and quality of instruction that you gave to me during our lessons. While I don’t think my body could have taken any more, I would have loved to spend one more day with you. You have guided me in building a good golf swing and in how to approach each golf shot. With this foundation I am confident that I will have significantly lower scores this year and I sincerely hope that I get the pleasure of working with you again in the future.”

Getting better everyday

“Bob, I wanted to just send a note to say Thank You! My game is getting better everyday that I work on the principles that you taught me out in Las Vegas earlier this year. I set my goals on winning this club championship (Cave Valley Men’s Club Championship) this year and I know that you helped me get there this year. Thanks again for your help!”

I would highly recommend Bob

“To Brad Yates about Bob Byman I continue to work my way through changing my grip and know it’s going to take some time to master. Of course, the first thing anyone wants to do is go out and play, which is what I did on Monday. Probably was too soon as I don’t have everything together yet. I have nagging tendinitis in my right arm that is also slowing my progress. With that said, Bob was a wonderful instructor! I wish I could see him for a 30 minute tune-up every week. He obviously loves what he does and was able to take me through a step-by-step approach to get me to where he wanted me to be. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to get to my short game… But I really did understand the key for me was to get the fundamentals down (grip and swing) before anything else. I will be vigilant with my training, particularly now that the weather is conducive here in Illinois. Thanks for checking in on me! I would highly recommend Bob as an instructor and will want more lessons in the future.”

I am very pleased

“Earl, what can I say. I am hitting the fairway shots much better. My putting is good and when I am two putting, my second putt is usually a mere foot away. My shots off the tee are often more right than I would like but am trying to concentrate on slowing my backswing and watching my hands as the club hit the ball. The game is improving, so I am very pleased. In the meantime, thank you for your gentle insistence that Paul will have a breakthrough. For sure, he was excited about that last nine holes we played with you on Sunday. He knows he can do it. What fun to have a whole year of practice ahead of us.”
V and P

Very pleased with Tom Logue

“We were very pleased with Tom Logue. He has an excellent demeanor for a golf instructor, was very professional, and was able to make adjustments as we progressed through the scenarios, and gave us everything we needed in a lesson format. The Moss Creek facilities are impeccable. Thanks for your support, we would recommend you to our friends and family!”

Game has improved 10 shotse

“Glad we came to your golf school. Tom was excellent. Getting individual instructio is the only way to go. My game has improved 10 shots.”

Tom was a great instructor

“Just a short note and to say all went perfectly. The Westin was marvelous. Moss Creek was great and Tom was a great instructor. Brad, thanks for arranging all of this.”
Katie W

Tom’s teaching was excellent!

“Tom’s teaching was excellent! His simple methodology was very effective. I thought the staff, the food quality, etc. at the club were all very high. I would definitely sign up again and recommend you guys to my friends. Thank you.”

I learned so much

“I want to thank Jeff for his patience and understanding teaching style. I learned so much, but it didn’t happen immediately. However, I broke 100 for the first time yesterday, which was 10 shots better then I ever shot! I know I can even do better. I give credit to Jeff. Thanks.”
Kathy B

Jeff was a perfect fit for my game

“Jeff was a perfect fit for my game. Jeff is a good player and I want to be able to play to a scratch. His insights were very eye-opening as to what I need to achieve that goal. My swing is so much different that my friends could see the difference immediately. Can’t believe how much more consistent I swing and my new longer length. Going to work on this and be back next year for the next step.”
Jeff S

I am truly enjoying my game again

“I am truly enjoying my game again, and while not hitting every shot perfectly, I am really pleased with the contact I am making. Your help was critical to my returning to a game I love with enough quality shots to make it enjoyable once more. Thanks again!”
David G

Sound advice and guidance

“Last year when I was frustrated and told John that I was ready to quit the game, he said he would love to help me. John took me out on the range for an hour and then offered to play 18 holes with me. John is unique among the teaching pros I know in that he has a tremendously supportive but low-pressure style of teaching and can offer sound advice and guidance even to someone like me who is very set in their ways, i.e. ‘stuck.’ John has helped improve my game.”
Bryan G

Approach was not constrained by time

“John personalizes his approach based on the student and he was able to immediately focus on my shortcoming. More importantly, John reminded me why I originally started playing golf. I never got the sense I was just another student with John and his approach was not constrained by time limits.”
Al R – New Brunswick NJ

Had a great time

“Howie had a great time and said he got a lot out of it. Thanks again for your fantastic service!”

Well worth the money

“My experience with john was excellent. I went to John with visions of having a short game and not chunking the ball or hitting it thin from off the green. When we were done I was hitting shots that I didn’t know I was capable of. I know that I have things to do and work on in my golf game, but John was very good about having a plan of where to start after talking to me on the phone before I arrived. We only had 2 days to work on things and I think we fit everything possible into that time. John is an excellent teacher he knows how to compliment the good things and then explain the things that I needed to fix in a way that would keep me motivated and not frustrated. I learned a lot of things about golf that I never knew or even considered that helped my game immediately. I am excited to come home with things to work on that will greatly improve my game. I highly suggest the 1 on 1 experience that you get with John it was well worth the money.”

You guys are truly professionals

“Not much more to say than what I have already shared with you. You guys are truly professionals. From our first phone conversation to the hand shake and wish for safe travels at the airport yesterday morning by Vic. Yes, I know you can’t control the weather and therefore my 3 day course had to be squeezed into a day and a half. I wish I could have had more time with Tom and we could have at least played 9 holes, but believe he devoted the time we had to the area of instruction that will give me the biggest bang for my buck. If I can master the full swing and chipping skills he taught, I have no doubt my game will greatly improve. We did spend a little time putting and I think with practice with the tips I was given I should be able to make more putts, with fewer putts once I get on the green. Tom has the patience of Job. He is able to explain the most technical aspects of golf in simple terms anyone can understand. He is a great guy and I would love to work with him again. We make an excellent team. The Hilton works great. They offer a very good breakfast buffet for a reasonable price to help you fuel up for the long day on the driving range and a great “Happy Hour” to help you relax and unwind. The hot tub is also a great aid to soak tired muscles after hitting over 500 golf balls. The lunch and dinner food is tasty for a hotel and all of the staff is friendly and helpful from the front desk clerks to the housekeeping staff to the waitress/waiters and bartenders in Sam Sneed’s. They all made me feel welcomed and were happy to serve me. Not a bad place to be stranded without a car. Enjoyed my time with Vic from and to the airport. Kept me laughing the entire ride in both directions. If any down side, it would have to be that I didn’t get to play the course. It looked beautiful and I can only imagine how nice it must play. Tom and I only spent a few minutes on putting and we didn’t get to sand bunkers at all. Here again, I realize you have no control over the weather and course closings due to wet conditions.”
James H. Carter, Jr

Outstanding Instructor

“Jack is an outstanding instructor. He’s able to quickly diagnose what you need to fix. He then focuses on a few critical tips that really make a difference in each aspect of your game. He’s very supportive and encouraging which really helps as you go through a learning curve. He has a great sense of humor which makes the lessons a lot of fun as well. I loved the playing lesson. He really gets you to focus and plan your shots well. The proof is in the pudding though. I played my first post lesson round yesterday, crushed the ball off the tee and only missed one fairway all day. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I highly recommend Jack to help improve your game.”
Greg M

We Were Very Impressed

“We were very impressed with Terravita…great course and facilities. Even the weather was great! Earl was an excellent instructor and we learned a lot about all aspects of the game. The “flow” of the program was excellent and we enjoyed playing 9 holes on the course. We are contemplating coming back for “graduate school”!”
Donald J. Mullineaux

Excellent Teacher with Great Patience

“My two days with Tom were excellent. He found my swing and grip problem right away and I’m looking forward to putting it to use today. I haven’t mastered the correction yet, but I know the game is going to be a lot more enjoyable than it has been. One of the other highlights was the correction Tom made to my putting address, grip, and ball placement on the face of the club. A simple correction that started to work for me immediately.Tom has great patience and is very astute with his corrective action. He’s a natural teacher.”
George Volanakis

Great Time

“We had a great time with Jack. Now with practice hope to improve my game with some of the helpful instruction he gave to us.”
San White

Tom is an Excellent teacher

“I know teaching. It is an art, not a science. Tom is an excellent teacher. I expected excellence and he delivered excellence during ever session. Flexibility is and was very helpful, and exceeded my expectations. Tom understood my golf expectations, acknowledging his pupil was a 75 year old golfer who did not expect to qualify for the U S Open after a week of instruction. Essentially he showed his teaching ability by attempting to improve my existing game, not build an entire new approach, as in “old dog, new tricks”. I am not sure what your affiliation with The Legacy is, but during our time there we were made to feel welcome and found all staff to be most helpful. In closing, please know that I told Tom that I did not expect him to turn water, especially old water, into vintage wine. I play a lot of golf, year round, and do practice between rounds. I am working on adjustments that I was taught, and can sense that they will help. As you know golf index numbers are a slow moving number. My pre round goal is always to break 90. My last 4 rounds were 94, 93, 92,and 91; at least things are going in the right direction.”
Doug Pecina

I highly recommend

“At the end of last year’s golf season I decided I needed to go to a golf school. Through a golf partner (from Florida) I made the decision to go to the VIP golf school at the PGA in St Lucie. I believe I made the best choice possible. I felt it was a good start when the owner of the business (Brad Yates) answered calls and made a personal connection. Once at the lesson Tom Tarsia’s steadfastness was impressive. He was always there and didn’t stop until I was hitting the ball as well as he thought I could. Lessons I learned from Tom: Don’t try to get more out of a swing than you need. Use cadence in my swing – and he had the ability to transfer this knowledge to me. Use the same swing for all shots. He instilled a mental picture of the sequences of the proper swing. Tom was not out to reinvent what I was doing. His objective was to improve what I had. Overall the school was as good as I had hoped for and I had high hopes. I would highly recommend VIP to anyone looking to improve their game.”
Allen Danforth

Perfect instructor

“Jack was the perfect instructor. I really did get a lot of great info, and am hitting the ball further already!! Thanks!”

Highly recommend

“Overall I am very happy with golf lessons. Pete is a great guy and great teacher. I really learned a lot –now I just need the time and the weather to be good to practice. My goal was to break 80 this year. Now I have to find a 15 hole golf course. The only thing I would have liked were a few videos showing my swing was. I think I have a great foundation to work on this spring. I like to practice so now I have goals that Pete laid out for me in my practice sessions. I would highly recommend the program.”
Mike Noonan

A SIX STAR Golf Lesson Experience

“Tom, over these past 5 days of golf lessons YOU definitely EXCEEDED my expectations! What made it a SIX STAR Golf Lesson Experience is the following: • YOUR ability to articulate what happens in the mind in approaching a golf shot. You emphasizing how both the mind and subconscious works in the game of golf. You gave me the TOOLS to TACKLE the MENTAL GAME, be it on the driving range or on the golf course. • You gave me REFERENCE POINTS and UNDERSTANDING of both my golf swing & golf shot by how the golf ball is reacting. • You ensured that I truly UNDERSTAND how to TROUBLE SHOOT MYSELF once I am back on home turf. Given the difficult golf agenda that I presented you with over the extended period of time we spent together, I am grateful for your sense of humour and easy going nature which in MY WORLD are both essential. Thank you!”
Michael Kalmar

Nothing but Good reviews

“We all agreed that we very much enjoyed our golf school. Jack and Mike complimented each other in their style and approach and it was interesting to see how some of us felt more comfortable with Mike and some with Jack. They covered some very good basics with us and I was particularly happy with the short game instruction. My only criticism was that it wasn’t enough for me as it is my weaker area . But then again, that’s my need and we did work on that . The facilities at Terra Lago are very good . All practice areas are close by and water and shade are available when needed. Our lunches were most enjoyable with our teachers and the food was delicious. I’m sure we talked Jack’s and Mike’s ears off ! We had a few good laughs but all of us were serious about leaving there with something to work on for improvement and we did. I have nothing but very good reviews about our experience and thank you very much for listening to my initial concern about the change of venue. I know the facilities at Indian Springs would have been a disappointment but Terra Lago was an excellent alternative. I would not hesitate to recommend this to others.”
Sheila Hodges

I’d definitely recommend John

“I had a great experience with John. His knowledge of the golf swing and his ability to translate it into understandable language is exceptional. Without attempting to change my swing into something very uncomfortable, he was able to quickly diagnose some key flaws and introduce easy to accomplish adjustments. I feel if I work on the things he recommended, my golf game will improve significantly. Additionally, John’s easy going manner made me feel comfortable from the moment we started working and eliminated any anxiety that can happen when you’re in a situation where your skill is being critique. John is definitely someone I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their skill and enjoyment of golf.”

Great communicator and teacher

“Thanks for the kind encouragement. I had such a great time working with you on my game. Besides really knowing the game, you are able to communicate and teach very effectively. You have a real passion for what you are teaching and that comes through in every detail of your instruction. I can’t wait to get out and practice what I learned and then bring my new game to the course. I also look forward to getting a chance to work with you again. Thanks for a great experience.”
Rick Jasperson

So much fun

“Thank you SOO much for helping me the last few days. I learned so much and will start putting it to use. It will be fun to learn and have your key words and music in my mind. And you know I will be laughing when I mess up but remember your challenges/ questions.”
John Jensen

Enjoyed the experience

“Overall we very much enjoyed the whole experience. I was honestly surprised at how great Bob was in listening and coaching. Besides knowing his material, he had a very nice way in trying to help each of us to make needed changes. That’s not an easy skill, and Bob was impressive in this way. The hotel was very convenient, and I would stay there again.”
David Divine

Learned a lot

“Golf was great, I now know what I do wrong and just have a lot of work ahead of me to break my bad habits! Hopefully I’ll be able do put everything I learned together without Earl watching me. The food at the restaurant was excellent and service was very good. We liked the practice area and how we moved around. Just at the time I was getting tired of hitting we would work on our short game. It was also fun going out on the course. Unfortunately my sons back was hurting so we didn’t play as many holes as I would have liked. We did though go to the botanical garden after golf then on Th.”
Nancy Williams

Such a success!

“Thank you, Jack, for making our golf school such a success. We all appreciated the manner with which you and Mike complimented each other and addressed our varying needs. I hope we didn’t try your patience too much!”
Sheila hodges

Promised delivery

“Safely back in Denmark I would like to thank both you and Tom for a very good arrangement. You delivered what was promised and we had a very good time both with Tom and on our own. The trip matched our expectations. Personally I was there also to test if I had gotten rid of my shoulder and knee injuries from last year. If not the case then i would give up golf. My shoulder held up very well but my right knee and hip was troublesome. Anyhow I was encouraged by many moments of the lessons and for this reason I am going to give golf another chance. Tom promised us individual ‘manuals’ for the things each of us have to be aware of in improving our play.”
Thomas K Boesen

Most helpful and a pleasure to be with

“I will be practicing at my club and play at least 9 holes. I had a great time at the school. My teacher was patient and most helpful and a pleasure to be with.”
Jerry Kremer, Esq.

I learned A Lot!

“I enjoyed the trip, learned a lot & am excited to put some of the new learnings into action. The hotel was very nice, as was the practice area. Bob was very open to working on areas I wanted to address & I think I covered what I wanted.”
Lori Kass

Won his first high school tourney

“I finally got to watch Steven play yesterday and it was pretty impressive. He made the varsity squad as a freshman and now has won his first high school tourney. I feel it’s important to let you know that the 3 days you spent with him over Christmas have been extremely beneficial. His ball-striking, beat and balance look just great to my untrained eye. He has been solid with the putter as well. As you predicted, his confidence and excitement for golf grows along with his progress. Between you setting him up with solid fundamentals and a system for ensuring them and his new found desire to play for his team and his school, things have been progressing very nicely. Thanks again!”

Most helpful and a pleasure to be with

“I will be practicing at my club and play at least 9 holes. I had a great time at the school. My teacher was patient and most helpful and a pleasure to be with.”
Jerry Kremer, Esq.

Look forward to the next time!

“Really enjoyed working with you today in NJ. Look forward to the next time!”
Paul Siegel

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Got questions answered that I had wondered about for years. I wish I could have met you guys 40 years ago. I will work hard on the changes Bob showed me and keep you informed of my progress. I probably will not put my application in for the Senior Tour just yet.”
Lary Munkelt

Mark was great

“Mark was great and was patient. Not once in 20 hours did I sense any frustration on his part- which is great as I am sure I gave a lot of reasons for frustration! I feel good that Mark gave me a heavy dose of the grip and posture and fundamentals, and we made good progress towards building a swing built around the correct fundamentals. A lot of reps needed on my end and plenty of room for improvement, but I am far ahead of when we started . When I got jammed up and lost it (which happened every day), Mark was able to give me some good simple tips to try to get back on track. There were some bursts where I was hitting the ball well (for me ) and with some small levels of consistency. There were other points where I was very rough – but I learned a lot and Mark was an awesome teacher. I have a good idea on what I need to work on in the swing , and how to diagnose and try to correct what I am doing wrong based on the results- based on Mark’s teaching. A lot of work to do on my end to build some muscle memory and try to find my good shots consistently- but overall the experience was great, it was worth it and I think gave me a good fast start into the game of golf. Mark was great- I have taken several lessons (one at a time and with no follow-up) over the years – but Mark helped produced results and a knowledge base that I haven’t had before. I would recommend Mark / VIP without any hesitation to my friends.”
PJ Charlton

I give the whole experience a 10

“I have nothing but raving reviews for Earl and the golfing experience. The trip was even more than I expected. I would highly recommend the Sedona location. The course is beautiful and in excellent condition. Believe it or not the temperatures were not that unbearable. My husband and I played in a couples tournament this past weekend and he could certainly see an improvement in my game. Earl is a great instructor and very patient. I give the whole experience a 10.”
Carla Quick

All the clubs have benefited

“It’s still going well with my golf swing Bob! The benefits are in the details we worked on. Working on the beat of my swing that last day has really been a big help, especially with the driver. But all the clubs have benefited. All in all still very pleased with my progress. So much less curve on my misses when they do occur.”
John Hagglund

Thanks for a great experience

“Everything went great. The accommodations were fine and convenient. The facility, restaurant, and staff good and Mark was great. He really taught me a lot and was incredible to work with. I plan to follow up over the next few months. Thanks for a great experience.”
David Wechsler

Peter impressed me with his knowledge

“I completed my two day session with Peter here in the Hilton Head area. Peter was very good both as a teacher and a good conversationalist. He put me on the right direction to hopefully permanently fix my swing issue after my shoulder injury. I can see signs of promise that practice will make more consistent. Peter impressed me with his knowledge of club length to arm and body length and a very unique approach to putting which I am looking forward to use. This was time well spent in the very hot Carolina sun.”
George Volanakis

Thanks for a great time!

“I totally enjoyed my experience with VIP Golf Academy and the Legacy Golf Course. The facility is top of the line and my instructor, Tom, was knowledgeable and patient. He went the extra mile in helping me improve on my many weak points. I brought much of it to my golf course and hope to continue to improve. The one on one experience is well worth taking. Thanks for a great time!”
Joe Kelly

We will recommend Jack and VIP Golf

“We had a wonderful day with Jack. We covered all aspects of the game, as we had asked, including 9 holes on the course with Jack guiding us shot by shot. Jack’s approach to teaching and his pleasant personality and seasoned patience in delivering his advice in a supportive way were greatly appreciated. We will recommend Jack and VIP Golf to others and will plan more sessions with him the next time we are in the desert.”
Mick Grasmick

Played sooooooooo much better

“Earl, I played golf twice last week and you would have been proud of me!!! I tried to remember most of the things you taught me, and played sooooooooo much better than I ever have before. Thanks again for all your great instruction.”
Barbara Agnew

An incredible two days of instruction

“This was an incredible two days of instruction with Bob. If I would have taken lessons with Bob years ago, I would now be a single handicap golfer. I came to this clinic hoping to learn to get out of the sand better. It took about 5 minutes for Bob to teach me to hit good sand shots. He also changed my grip, my ball address, my putting grip and my putting; all for the better. I’ll be back in Vegas in May and will schedule another session.”

Totally enjoyed our experience

“We totally enjoyed our experience with VIP Golf, you made every effort so that we could improve our golf but also went out of your way to accommodate our needs. Your choice to have Tim work with us was perfect, he is truly a master at his craft. I can speak for both myself and Billy when I say, we had a fantastic time and we’re exceptionally well looked after. Tim is an unbelievable teaching professional, he gets rite down to business and sticks to a process that makes it easy to understand the fundamentals of the swing. We both benefited from his experience and look forward to working with him again.”
Kevin and Billy

A wonderful experience

“Had a super time with Tom, he was great! The whole stay with VIP Golf was a wonderful experience. Thank you again.”
Ray H

The ideal instructor

“My experience was terrific. Jack was the ideal instructor and I learned an immense amount that proved to be very effective. We will certainly contact Jack for further lessons when we are back in Palm Springs.”
Bellini L

Pete easily gets a 9-10

“Pete easily gets a 9-10….very solid instructor who clearly met my expectations. Old South is 7-8…nice course and in pretty good shape. The practice facility was clean and we had it to ourselves 2 of the 3 days and the day we shared was no big deal as there was plenty of room. Lunch was nice…thank you for buying…I’d give the food an 8,..the service a 9….the restaurant overall a 5. But no complaints. I took many good points home with me to work on and clearly got some instruction that will improve my game if I can connect all the dots in actual practice. I know I hit over a 1000 balls during the 3 days, so a lot going on my head, but I think I got my money’s worth and look forward to lowering my score 3-5 strokes during the next month and then another 2-4 after that. I believe I can get to the 74-77 range with what I’ve learned.”
Dale P

Thanks for a great experience.

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for facilitating my golf lessons with Jack Gibson in February. Jack was a great instructor and I learned quite a lot in the time I spent there. Without changing everything, Jack helped me to make a few key adjustments that will ultimately improve my game. You were so correct in guiding me to Jack. Thanks for a great experience.”
John P

Well worth the cost

“Earl was great. The program was what I needed to get me started in golf again. I also rate the Boulders very well. My wife and I thought it well worth the cost. They have a great staff who try hard to make your stay enjoyable.”
Dick G

JOHN gave me fantastic results!!!!!!

“Tremendous knowledge and technology driven foundation for teaching!!! After 10 months of no golf due to “heart” problems at the tender age of 69, I lost tremendous distance on all clubs and my swing was gone!!! AFTER ONE MORNING SESSION with John, I SCORED 36 on the front 9!!! He uses several different technology programs that enables visual learners like me to “see the light” !!! When he stood me on his magic carpet and showed me the heat distribution of my weight during my swing, It all came down to balance for me and it all changed for me in one moment. LOL…..He called it the “eyebrow” moment. He does not try to mold your swing into someone’s swing, but takes your swing and makes it work for you, and all in one morning session. He also gave me home based exercises to help me with my swing while facilitating the improvement of my major health problem that I am combating. John is a great teacher and someone I will always consider a friend. What a great guy!!!!!!! Thanks John!!!!!”
Doc Morgan

We have now started to love golf

“Tom was amazing to work with. Both I and my son didn’t want to leave at all!!! We have now started to love golf even more than before and cannot wait to practice and grow on the foundations of techniques Tom taught us. The legacy Course was a god place to learn and yes we were treated like a member. Thanks for everything.”
Mark L

The instruction was great

“The instruction was great. It was our first time golfing in 7 months so we were really rusty but I think we got a lot out of it. John was great and we live the videos he provided us with.”

Earl gave me simple concepts

“We are about 45 days out since working with Earl and Paula. My wife, who was a novice, has continued to hit balls now and then and is playing a few holes each week with me. She will venture out for a full nine tomorrow. Paula was very helpful in giving her a few keys to work at. She will do fine and hits enough excellent shots to stay interested. Earl gave me simple concepts that I accomplish correctly more and more often. My index has dropped like a rock and my contact is solid most of the time for now. I have not had a round in the 70s on a good course in three years, but I am just a couple of putts or birdies away and look forward to playing pretty well for awhile. We enjoyed Oak Creek very much and being able to work separately and one on one at the back end of the range was a plus. I know I don’t have this game mastered, but Earl put me in a position to know that I can perform and enjoy trying.”
Dave and Nancy Berst

My golf game has returned!

“Just a quick note to let you know that my golf game has returned. Shot a number of scores of 80-82 and a couple of 79’s thrown in to get my handicap down from 16 to 10 since I saw you. I’m looking forward to getting to my low of 8. It took me a while to get used to the new grip but I think I’ve got it mastered……I think. If I could only putt better!”
George V

Great Instruction!

“My three lady friends and I all had a wonderful golfing experience with Tom as our instructor. He was able to individualize instruction to each of our strengths and where we needed to improve, THEN helped us improve on the target areas! All four of us play at different levels and he was able to match his instruction to us. His patience, humor and great personality made the trip and golf school so much fun. It was a wonderful learning experience and I highly recommend it!”
Tina L

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