What makes VIP Golf Academy Different

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What makes VIP Golf Academy Different

I can only imagine the excitement of knowing that this is the year to pull the trigger and attend a golf school.

Typically what happens, is a family will sit down and decide to Google something along the lines of, “golf schools in Florida”. Then boom! Heaps of information floods the brain, but the reality of it all is that it’s difficult to determine which golf school is right for you without proper knowledge or mentorship on the topic.

This is the exact reason I decided to write this blog. As the owner of VIP Golf Academy, I feel it is my obligation to help the consumer choose the correct program for them, and not get caught in the traps that I have heard about all too many times.

A little about us: VIP Golf Academy is in its 23rd year of providing the very best golf school experience available. VIP are the founders of the “one on one” and 2:1 golf school ratio. We have been flattered to have many competitors adopt this model over the years. We have since expanded into group schools also, but our “nuts and bolts” is the former.

The hardest thing to know is who your instructor is, what their credentials are, and how many people will be in your group with the route chosen. Also, are you going to be paired with players of a similar skill set?

The group golf school is a completely different animal compared to the private golf school. Normally, in a group environment, the instructor is trained to run the exact same program over and over again, with the same information being taught to everyone week after week. It’s a clinical style, moving from one station to another. But what if the golfer needs more work in a particular area? This system does not work because everyone is different and requires work in different areas, as well as different methods of teaching. Additionally, the amount of time you receive in a group school is divided among the students, leaving you not much one on one time with your instructor.

The private golf school is all about the individual student! Each day you work closely with your own personal instructor, who customizes a program directly suited to you. This allows an understanding of your swing and golf game like never before.

You will improve faster with the individual attention provided by a private golf school. A group setting is more of a relaxed, introductory learning environment, with not nearly the same level of direct attention. This is not a bad option, depending on your level of play, and if you just want to learn the basics and fundamentals. However, if you’re looking to improve beyond the basics, private schooling is the path for you.

Being aware of what kind of golf school you are signing up for is a difficult task using the internet alone. There are a lot of companies that are travel agents, simply packaging a golf school together with accommodations, just using any golf pro available to do the schooling.

Then we have the “big box” golf schools. We like to call them the “name brand” golf schools. The golf schools that slap a well-heard-of name on their service — but that person will never be there. It will just be a hired, salaried pro conducting the school. I am not saying any of these are bad. I just want the consumer to understand what they are looking at.

  • VIP Golf academy hires and interviews every single PGA golf coach that we have on staff. We have extremely low turnover and are proud to say we have the absolute best PGA coaching team in the nation. It has taken us years to compile such an exceptional team.
  • VIP Golf Academy has clients that are in their 15th consecutive year with us. We have developed strong bonds and relationships with our students, and have become lifelong friends.
  • VIP Golf Academy takes incredible pride in giving 110% to every golf school client that comes through our door. We are #1 in reviews and repeat clients, and we have also just been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.
  • The VIP Golf Academy family welcomes you to attend our school. Come experience the first-class service and instruction you deserve!


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